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formerly 94R-850

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Designed to handle the increased use of onboard accessories in today’s vehicles, ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries combine long service life, high reliability and deep cycle capabilities. The ODYSSEY Performance series batteries provide all the reliability of the ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries but without the high cold cranking amps (CCA) or reserve capacity (RC) that many people may not require.

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The ODYSSEY battery can handle it. Featuring rugged construction and packed tightly with pure lead plates, the non-spillable AGM design ODYSSEY battery protects against the shock and vibration that can quickly destroy other batteries. And the pure lead plates mean more power—twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries—up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge!

Model ODP-AGM94R H7 L4 (formerly 94R-850)
Voltage 12
PHCA ** (5 sec) 1500
CCA* 840
HCA 1200
MCA 1000
Nominal Capacity (20Hr Rate-Ah) 80
(10Hr Rate-Ah) 76
Reserve Capacity 150
Length inches (mm) 12.39 (315)
Width inches (mm) 6.86 (174)
Height inches (mm) 7.43 (189)
Weight lbs (kg) 54.8 (24.9)
Terminal SAE
Torque Specs in-lbs (Nm max) N/A
Internal Resistance (mΩ) 5.7
Short Circuit Current 2250

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Weight 25.76 kg
Dimensions 45.72 × 30.48 × 25.4 cm

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